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Hey everyone this is Gsiscosis, Dagamier and Senorlock.

We welcome all of you horde to our guild site, For information Go to homepage and see the News Updates, to see Photo go to that section and to talk about anything else go to our Forums page.


Hope you all good luck,

From Infernal horde Staff Team 

Latest Events

 October 2nd, 2011....It's over. Infernal Horde was truely a fantastic guild that saw great adventures toghether. Sadly, this is the end of the road. Perhaps soon we shall re embark on these journeys toghether as a new guild...Be sure to keep checking out Me, Squash and Reapers podcasts at TheWoWInterview. As you all know or might not we went our different ways after the guild.

Squashuux- Became the best mage on the Magtheridon server for quite a while. Recieved praise from many guilds from his 21k substantial dps. Last we heard he was an officer on Blood Ocean and stays there to this day.

Reapermater- Took charge of the last few members of IH as its leader for the last few days. Helped friends who were now guildless and when Garrosh questioned if Reaper had killed the guild, he took the blame. This was probably because he feared other IH members being hurt. He was lashed 1,000 times and beaten almost to death as well as left on the side of Westfall. Legend has it that he remains in westfall but from time to time returns to Orgimmar.....planning....watching.....waiting.

Bumpoke- A fairly drunk man gave up on his mid morning job, deleted all the characters, and lived the rest of his short days as a slumb- did nothing but sleep and beg for money. R.i.P friend.

Lumenkas- Stayed with me for a while. Weeks after, Lumenkas went of to fight in the Trial of Champions and was crowned a true fighter. Nowadays he stays at home raising his kids with his lovely wife Sharon in his lovely home in Elwyn Forest.

Badonk- Was a good friend for a while, but things didn't go his way in his guild soon after IH- III nasty, a forum was started filled with arguements, legend has it that Squashuux returned from a raid of 20k dps to tell Badonk off. Badonk hasn't been heard of since.

Flawless- Deemed a worthy opponent of Dragonrider, as both went on a journey to find the lost Golden Dragon Mount but ended up fighting over who deserves it more. In the end DragonRider was just too much for Flawless as his strength failed him. R.I.P friend.

DragonRider- Same as above, however as he got on the golden beauty the worst luck happened. Contrary to his name, Dragonrider was chained on to the dragon by itself and swam deep into the ocean, where DR was left to die. R.I.P Friend.

Kilimanjaryo- Spend his days in the Darkmoonfaire until acouple of the owners (such as Kurt) got tired of his whiny attitude. He was beaten and bruised and so he quit the circus and went off to find new friends. Ended up winning good gear from a selfless main, and became a very moderatly good healer. Kiliman decided to focus on the light things in life but still keeps his ego. Nowadays Kiliman helps fellow party member earn there way through dungeons by healing- he also STILL guild hops.

Vandril- Joined forces with Squashuux and is the founding member of Blood Ocean. Dropped out of school to focus on his skill and is now known for his mass number of 85s as well as full proffesions. Spends his days teaching the young of his skill as well as telling of a bold and powerful guild that once was. Also great friends with me.

Gsiscosis- No one knows what exactly happened with Gsiscosis after his mission with Thrall. Some say he turned to the Alliance. Most say he died from a plagued disease, some even say he sacrificed himself for Thrall from an attack of 1,000,000 alliance. Apprently the rumor is that he mind controlled Thrall out since he refused to leave Gsiscosis to die. I think he's still out there....somewhere...

Dagamier- As for me, I help out Blood Ocean every now and then and went out on a few missionary missions for Thrall on the coming months before Garrosh. Spying on the Alliance showed me that Gsiscosis is still on our side and so I spend my days looking for him. Squashuux, Vandril and I still talk, and I listen in for any known rumors of IH or anyone that was in it. And so I leave you: Friend, member, and warrior, your strength will help you if you can master it. Only then, can you truely be a hero. Untill next time, so long and farewell.              -Dagamier The Noble 2011


Summer2010: This is the end of IF. thanks alot everyone. I promise to leave a upcoming news on october 2011 of what has happened within the past year. It's been fun knowing you all. SO LONG FRIENDS!

August4th- Daga again. Raid members you need to reach at least 5000+ gs if you want to raid. We can't do ToC for way too easy and not even necessary. Lets at least get 4/12 ICC 10man till we can go up to Rot and Fester. LOOK UP FIGHTS! If you don't know and want a link let me know online I'll explain. :)


July 24th- Hey guys its Dagamier. Let me just start by saying I wanna thank you all for joining our guild. Although we no longer are accepting members without guild master permmision it couldn't of been possible with out you. Well come on 140+ members enough? XD Anyways Our group 1 raids have finally been made and will raid Trial of Crusader 10man on tuesday the 27th from 10pm-2am. If it works out as planned (which it hopefully does) we should finish in at most an hour. If 1 person dosen't show up and puts accepted on the invite calendar you will be questioned. Thats all for now!



July13th- This coming JULY 23 ALL DAY EVENT we will have the tournament! The rules our simple!

1.Those who want to participate will be summoned to Old ZG.

2. You will fight amongst other IF members 5 levels your range.

3. You win you go on. You lose...well good job ;)

4. Winner receives Gold and moves up to the next round!

5. Terodis, Gsiscosis and Senorlock will ref each fight while all of you cheer the two fighters!  


July 6th- Everyone who was on came to the pics. The picture is up now so check it out at the Photos & Screenshots.


 July (Unknown day) - Our lottery system will be introduced by us to you guys, you wil have a chance to win a prize. So all of you just buy tickets which means you get more rolls and therefor giving you more chances of winning. For the complete Information on the Lottery System Visit the Nav Bar and go to "Lottery system".


Hope you all good luck,

From the Infernal Staff Team 

Joining the Guild

If you want to join the guild ask anyone, this is an open guild for any1, a Lvling, Event, and Raid guild.