Infernal Horde

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Hey all!

This is your lock guild leader Dagamier speaking! (Or writing at 3am...) and heres where I can tell you more about the guild. Infernal Horde as of now is a Casual raiding guild. Of course if your around LV40 you many wanna look for people your level to dungeon with however we plan on raiding some ICC real soon. We will also host many weekly to monthly activities and hold a lottery system. When we get enough players and even higher levels we could BG as a group as well. Probably even get some raids going down! As you may know the three guild leaders (me, Gsiscosis and Squashuux are very active and extremely polite so don't be afraid to ask a noob question! Thats right we finally got our own vent guys! Thats all for now! SEE YA ON MAG

                                                                                 -GM Dagamier