Infernal Horde

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How it works!!!!

Alright guys so if you don't know how the lottery will happen heres the deal.

1. You will be /rolling 1-100 on a amount of gold everyone has pitched in for.

2. If you roll it exact then 90% goes to you and 10% to the guild bank!

3. If two people roll it then you split 50-50

4.  If no winner is found then 70% goes to person closest to the number and 30% to the guildbank.


1. At the start of a day we will write on the MOTD what the winning number is and how long you have to buy tickets.

2. Each ticket counts as a /roll you perform. A ticket costs 1g (may lower or go up depending on popularity). 

3. You buy a ticket by whispering anyone of the guild masters (Terodis,Senorlock or Gsiscosis) thatyou want to purchase one. You /trade them and will write down how many tickets you buy MAX OF 5 TICKETS TO BE FAIR.

4. After a week of buying tickets we will then on the announced day and time start the rolling one by one by adding you to a party and telling you to /roll. We will write down your results and when all the numbers are in we will announce the winner and send you your share of the GOLD!